Full moon party??

“Hey guys, should we go to Full moon party together?”

It all started with his simple question which he probably didn’t even mean it when he said it..

My good friend Andre went for a trip to Thailand alone after he finished his study. Back then I didn’t know what made him choose Thailand but now I know. However I won’t write it down here as it’s not my story.

It was maybe about couple of years later he came back. I was with Andre and another good friend of mine Peter. I don’t remember at all what we were up to but I clearly remember that question and my thoughts/feelings at that moment. We all knew very very vaguely what Full moon party was. A crazy beach party in an island somewhere in Thailand where people look for crazy stuff. That was pretty much about it that I knew. When he first asked us I thought it was an idea that sounds good but little unrealistic, like some kind of wish we could have on our minds. We were all just at the beginning of our career and didn’t have much savings and it seemed like it would require big commitments. Still, I quickly imagined what it would be like. I think they all did as well. “Yeah let’s do it”

So we started saving up and caught up constantly to plan/talk about the trip. Often we would gather at my place and watch YouTube clips about Full moon party while getting tipsy with our beers. It really excited us every time. The party looked crazier than any other parties we have been. Getting wasted.. meet lots of other crazy people.. probably hook up with some fucking hot chicks who don’t mind shit just because they are in Full moon party.. all these imaginations really excited us. During these catch up sessions we decided how long we should go for, which places in Thailand to go, what things to do, etc. Oh I forgot to mention a very important person. My best friend Yosef. (The word best friend is really underrated here). Yosef lives in the US doing his study. We asked him and really forced to come with us even though he financially couldn’t manage it. So Peter and I offered to support some of his cost. We didn’t mind at all because he had to come! It had to be 4 of us!

As December came closer, we were even more excited than ever. Everything was prepared. The budget price motel in Khaosan, flight stopping by Hong Kong for 22 hours, savings were going as planned, the very overpriced yet awesome resort just by the Full moon part beach. We were so lucky that we were able to book that overpriced resort (just like most other places there) because this party was definitely popular.. Almost all resorts in the area were fully booked for that period even though we were trying to book many months ago. Actually we had no choice but to go with that resort which turned out to be the best choice later.

We revised our plan not long before our trip.

Stop over at Hong Kong – Go straight to Lan Kwai Fong – Drink & party up – hook up with hot Hong Kong chicks and hopefully stay at their place as we didn’t book any accommodations – fly to Bangkok – go to Khaosan road – party party & hook up – fly to Krabi then boat to Koh Phi Phi – party hard hook up hard – boat to Patong, Phuket – unite with Yosef – party & hook up like we never did – New Year party!!! – head to the final boss, Full moon party – party and stay alive – come back to Khaosan, Bangkok – stop over at Hong Kong for 20 hours – final party & hook up – then… back to reality…


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