D-Day: I don’t want to miss my flight

It wasn’t easy being patient waiting for the day we depart to come. But as always, time goes no matter what and here our D-Day came! I remember the date as 19th December 2014.

Packing done, nothing missing, my bag full of cheap clothes I don’t mind losing or getting destroyed – including a cheap black blazer & navy shirt to look roughly fancy enough for the night in Hong Kong (this blazer really doesn’t look bad for its price!). I had 2 medium sized duffel bags – one of them was gonna be trashed once I get my brand new Osprey backpack I ordered from Amazon. Since the backpack couldn’t be shipped to my country I asked Yosef to get it for me and bring it with him to Thailand.

A day or two before the D-Day Andre bought himself a GoPro to make a video for our trip with footages we would take. We were so ready. The weather was perfectly beautiful. We were going to meet around 12pm in town (this time could be completely wrong but yeah this is what I remember) and Peter’s sister was going to drop us off at the airport. So I left my home at 10am and went to nearby bank to exchange for Thai Baht. The other guys were doing the same thing. This was where we found out we were not so experienced or well prepared for travelling… The bank branch I went to didn’t have ANY Thai Baht!! I thought, “Okay, not a big deal.. I will go to another one close from here”. And so I went. Had to wait a while in queue before I found out that this branch ALSO doesn’t have any Baht. FUCK. Now I started to panic a little bit. I asked them which branch has Baht and they told me city branches would have it.

To my memory, Andre got his cash in the early morning so he was fine. Peter was also struggling and we met up in town. Before that I went to a branch to see if they had any. HOLY FUCK this one didn’t have either. SHIT! it’s already getting close to 12pm and this time is planned in a way that didn’t give ourselves much time before checking in as we all didn’t want to wait long in the airport (really hate waiting at airport!!). This branch told me there is one branch that definitely has it. So Peter and I ran. Ran as fast as we could under that strong sun. We looked like total retards but who the fuck cares we had to get our money and catch our flight!! At that branch we were finally able to get our Bahts and as we left the branch Andre just turned up to meet with us. It was probably my first time holding nearly $2,000 (again not entirely sure about the exact amount) cash in hand. I was kind of scared that someone might snatch it. Everyone seemed like criminals to me at that moment lol. But we didn’t have time to be scared. We had to run to where Peter’s sister was waiting.

As we got into the car all she was saying was “You guys are retards. You guys are retards”. Damn.. I never knew that exchanging money would be this challenging! We were pretty late. It was about 30 minutes before the check in closing and the traffic didn’t seem to help us. We were all in panic and nervous as hell. Everyone was busy on their phone checking Google Maps for traffic conditions ahead and also trying to find out how late people can come to the check in counter to not miss a flight. At some point, we realised it was so certain we were gonna be late.

As I write about this moment, I just remembered that our friend Peter was actually the most quiet and calm one out of us. He was unnaturally calm in such situation.. He was even talking like it was gonna be fine. But when we were definitely sure that we weren’t going to make it in time, he started panicking more than anyone (ROFLLL so funny now that I think about it). He phoned up the airport in panic and asked them if they could wait as there are 3 people who will be arriving late. Their answer wasn’t encouraging… They said the check in would close at the normal time. At this moment we were almost crying and in despair. We have dreamed about this trip so much..! We were so excited and happy..! In my mind I was thinking about the worst case scenario where we would have to buy a new one way ticket to Bangkok. Peter’s sister drove as fast as she could.

Amazingly it was just 1 minute before the closing time!! Peter (the most panicked one) ran to the counter as Andre and I were unloading our bags from the car. Even while Andre and I were entering the airport to find the counter, we were not sure if we made it or not..


Peter was telling us how he panicked even more when he went to the counter that Google Now as showing and it wasn’t our airline. But it was actually that Google Now was showing the wrong counter number. Anyways, we checked in in relief and went straight to the gate. I don’t remember much after this until the part where we got in our plane. So I will continue from there for the next story.

In the end, it actually turned out that we didn’t have to wait a lot at the airport haha


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