Flying flying awayyy

Whether it was the running or the excitement, my heart was beating fast. Once we went through the worst part of travel – check in and immigration – now it was the second worst part of travel – waiting for boarding. Since we are a bunch of alcohol lovers we went straight to one of the bars (maybe it was the only bar) and sat down at a table with high chairs. We got ourselves bottle of beer. There was nothing but happiness and even greater happiness to expect in the coming times. We were all smiling widely as if we popped some good MDMAs. As we were gulping half way through our beer, I decided to call Yosef. He had to join us about a week later than us due to his PhD study. He seemed both tired and jealous and happy. By this moment our friend Andre who had relatively low tolerance was already red. We had a brief video call session with Yosef and continued toward our beers. After the second round we quickly went to our gate and straight to our plane.

It was my first time flying with Cathay Pacific. I’ve heard from a friend this airline is not really great but we decided to book this one despite relatively high price because it had long stopovers at Hong Kong both on the way and way back. At that time I was in love with flights with long stopovers. It was like a free travel to extra destination. But now I am not a big fan of long stopovers anymore, though only with long flights. I just wanna get to my destination as quickly as possible. Maybe it is common symptom of aging? Or it’s just my way of travelling is not able to accommodate such gaps where I don’t get good revitalisation from drinking and like.

Our seat was the three middle seats. The seat was quite uncomfortable with not much leg rooms but I didn’t care much. After we took off and as soon as the seat belt sign turned off, we ordered our alcohols. Andre and I ordered beers but our friend Peter who sometimes has no limits, ordered whiskey with coke. I remember the whiskey was Chivas (surprisingly). After 3rd or 4th cup of his whiskey and coke, he was fast asleep. Andre and I found this funny and took some videos with his Gopro along with the scene of us laughing at this hard. Oh man.. we were so happy.

Among the cabin crews, there was this one really really really cute HK chick who looked pretty young as well. When both Andre and Peter were sleeping I just decided to go back to the crew area and talk to the girl, pretending to ask about Hong Kong which wasn’t only pretending actually as I wanted some real HK person’s information. Wherever you go, you need some local’s information to truly enjoy that place. Fortunately there was only her there and we could have good free conversation. I remember that area was god damn cold though !! Few of the things I asked her was where the best nightlife area is or what best clubs is etc. She said she doesn’t know much as she doesn’t drink or enjoy nightlife. Disappointing but it was ok because she was cute. We talked for quite a while but I don’t remember the stuff we talked about. Probably nothing too interesting. I thought asking for number or something at the spot was a bit weird so I just asked her name so I could find her in Facebook. Later I tried to find her when I had WiFi but I couldn’t – maybe she uses Hong Kong name not the English one which is useful for work. It couldn’t have been fake as it was what was on her name tag as well. Anyways the rest of the flight was very average and there is nothing I can remember particularly.

And some hours later, as I opened my dry sore eyes, the captain’s announcement came out.

“Cabin crew, prepare for landing.”


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