(PG)Warm up destination – Hong Kong Part 1

Warning: Some contents may not be appropriate to some young people.


Here we are, at our stopover destination: Hong Kong.

I did little research about the weather that it’s kind of warm and cool. But when we got outside it was rainy and colder than what I would call ‘cool’!! It was around 9,10pm. We were in hurry to go to the King of HK nightlife: Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). Peter had some experience with HK as he stayed at his cousin’s place which was in HK for about 2 months. So he led the way for us. We went past an area called Soho (apparently kind of popular??) and arrived at LKF.

Oh! on the way there I saw 2 cute HK chicks and I just went straight to them and started chatting, saying we just arrived and want to go to LKF asking directions etc. Normally I wouldn’t really approach straight to girls and start talking random shit. But this time I didn’t care. One thing about travelling, being somewhere so remote from your natural habitat, in an alien world, is that it makes you care less about what others would think. It gives me more confidence to do things.  This is how I changed a lot during my working holiday in Australia and Korea (maybe I should write this story too someday).

One bad thing was that we didn’t have simcards in HK which means our phones were nothing but cameras. The girls said they are going to LKF later as well. They told us to meet them at the seven eleven at 11. We said good bye and went into LKF area (see below).

So LKF was basically made of few small blocks where bars and clubs are built on. Later when I thought about it, I found LKF quite disappointing. We strolled straight into a bar we saw. I ordered three 500ml Hoegaarden and when I found the guys they already ordered another three Heinekens. Clearly we were so excited and couldn’t wait to get drunk. We had Hoegaarden and Heineken on each hand and gulping from any of those. And we were doing this outside. OUTSIDE. It felt so daaaaamn good to be able to drink out on street. In where I live this would get you into that over night jail in police. We visited few bars and talked to random people. My impression was, HK girls liked where we were from. They were generally very nice to us and happy to talk with us. When I was tipsy on street, I talked to a group of girls who were walking past. This group definitely didn’t like us or me. They just walked past with ‘WTF GTFO’ face.

It was almost 11pm and we were looking for ‘the’ seven eleven at LKF. But…. there were probably 5 different seven elevens in that small area. None of those seemed like the major one where people would mean as ‘the’ seven eleven. So we just decided to get into a club. We ended up going to the new club called “Magnum”. In the queue we ran into those girls who didn’t like us on the street. They seemed a bit tipsy and their attitude was totally different. So friendly and nice to us. We got into that spark phase real quick and by the time we got into the club (via elevator) this girl and I were already keen to make out. So we went into the dance floor and started making out and stuff. By the way it was still quite empty in the club. We reunited with our groups and bought some drinks (I don’t remember, maybe vodka and redbull) and sat down at a sofa booth. We kept on drinking and many people including myself were quite drunk. It was just very messy.. Andre and his girl was kept on kissing and I was doing the same thing plus some touching. For some reason the girl was into my culture and kept asking me to speak in my first language. Whenever I did it she was really being turned on which was.. good to see. At one point I randomly started kissing Andre’s girl and when my girl saw this she started kissing Andre. From this point it was all mixed. Yeah.. very messy as I said. Peter was just looking at us with ‘LOLz’ face and was talking with his girl who seemed very not-wild.

Now we were trying to achieve something here. Getting laid and finding a free accommodation. My girl was so keen for the next step but she lived with her parents. She was kept suggesting we go into toilet but umm.. I wasn’t so keen for that. And the toilet at that club was unisex (weird right?) with cleaners/staff in it. Andre’s girl was living in a dorm and wanted to bring us. And my girl didn’t want to go there for some reason. We tried hard and after some debates about it, we decided to just leave there. We visited few more bars and had more drinks. One thing I remember was that Andre was with this very very young South African girl and disappeared after a while. Peter and I were continuing drinking and walking around. We went back to Magnum and this time it was PACKED. Almost impossible to move. It was around 4 or 5am when we reunited with Andre in the club and things were slowly dying so we left the club together. Mission Failed, no free accommodation nor getting laid.
Oh by the way, Peter and I met those girls who were going to meet us at seven eleven in the club.

Lots of taxis waiting for people who are finishing their nights. There is also a taxi stand nearby where a long line of people are waiting. There were some girls giving out advertising cards/pamphlets for their clubs. I was so drunk and told them I will help them and took some bunch of their cards and gave out to people. And I was doing better than them. I’d like to say it was the enthusiasm that made the difference.

We were all exhausted. Our legs were shaking and eyes were red. We slowly walked off LKF to the journey of finding food. We had not a single clue that looking for food would turn out to be a ‘journey’….


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