Stopping over at Hong Kong Part 2

Our legs were squishy and our brains were not as clear as it could be after drinking and partying so much. At this point in time in my life, I was thinking Hong Kong is an Asian place and should have so much good food everywhere whether it’s out on street or a restaurant. And we had Peter who knows HK quite well (compared to us). What could possibly go wrong?? So I was suggesting a very appealing suggestion to the group as we were leaving LKF. “Let’s get some noodle soups”. So in Asian culture, noodle soup or any kind of soup is common cure after drinking nights. Peter said he knows a good noodle place nearby. So we walked though dark quiet empty streets. At this moment I just wanted to crash into a comfortable bed. Suddenly Peter was saying “shit this place is all closed!”. Oh fuck. No HK noodle soups for us. We somehow just decided to go to Kowloon area which is a popular place in HK. We walked (even more walking) to the ferry station. Trust me it wasn’t easy especially in that state.

We got to the ferry station. But it was closed at the time (too early). After waiting for a while we got into the ferry. And oh that ferry, we had really gracious 5 min sleep and 5 min time of looking around and taking pics. Andre was pretty much just utilising that time for sleeping purpose only and I was most busy one talking pics and enjoying the view. After arriving at Kowloon, I was regretting that there was no one to warn us that there was nothing to do there. Though it was definitely beautiful and nice looking harbour, there wasn’t much to do. Andre set up his brand new Gorpro into time lapse mode and Peter and I were walking around that area. It was really nice really!. After a while that walk, we came back to Andre and he was still the same with this camera. I don’t know seriously how we spent some time there but we did.

This was kind of the view we were looking at from Kow loon (if I’m not wrong about the area). So I realised that Hong Kong south is better than North at least in term of development.

After all this morning session, we went on foot to find our awesome “Hk food”. We walked up north which is kind of popular area. We walked and walked. Our legs were dying and didn’t have proper energy to keep us walking. I believe I am quite good with smelling out the good restaurants but I couldn’t find any from that area. We walked quite a lot and it was the point that we collectively said we can’t do this anymore. We walked several blocks and walked around the same area few times!! We had to find place to rest and eat. Since we couldn’t find one for a long while, we just went to a random cafe. There we had the WORST toast and SHITTEST coffee (according to my friends). So we wasted our money and had some time to sit down at their sofa. That time I tried texted to my HK friend (Young) and she didn’t reply. We weren’t satisfied definitely. We decided to just fuck searching and go to a McDonalds. There we some decent burgers and fell asleep on the tables. Maybe we slept about for 5 mintutes. We kept on moving to find some decent food or something interesting. Failing in both missions, we went to Victoria Park. I dont’ know if that’s the right name, but yeah we went there. It was very sunny and hot, contrasting to the cold and windy weather we has the last night. There were HEAPS of tourists at the gate of train to Victoria peak. We waited some time and go tot the train. It was very steep (just the way I remember form my childhood travel). Once we arrive at the top, we go up 1 or 2 more stories up. And finally we were at the top place for views. We were given some headsets for translations. Hanging that headsets on our necks, we looked around and were happy with the vews we were getting. 

It was an intersting view from the top of Hong Kong. I’d have to say there were lots of tourists (including us). After looking around for enough time, we came down the peak. We started walking towards the station that leads us to the airport. You really have to know that by this time, our feet and legs were dying and not functioning properly. We had no choice to pursue our walking to the cloest subway and catch the train to the airport. It was so god damn hot and tiring (while physically challenging) when we reached the station. We walked up to the customer service booth, and asked the person. We want to go to the station. And he was really really kind us to tell us saying that “oh if you walk a bit more and go to this station, you don’t even need to take the subway”. At this moment, I really didn’t have any energy to say anything. We all were. We just kept on walking and walking with our breaking feet. So in the end, we arrived to the airport after such a difficult time which I won’t describe here.

I don’t know if it was then or now, but I think that HK trip was really worth and we had good fun/time.

But you have to know! You have to know this was only a prologue/warm up for our real trip, to Thailand.


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