This! is! Khao San!!!!


In general, Andre and I are early birds but Peter is a sleeplover. Andre went outside by himself, probably smoking and walking around. He came back with a fruit bag. It’s a small bag of fresh fruits in it which you can get easily anywhere on Khao San road or Rambuttri road. Most people must have heard of Khaosan road but not Rambuttri. What people normally call Khaosan road already encompasses Rambuttri road which is another road just like Khaosan road just one block away. Both roads got tons of restaurants, bars, massage shops and motels, all for tourists. Overall though, I like Rambuttri road much better because its atmosphere is somewhat romantic (its meaning here is not bound with respect to love only), especially the upper side which is just across the big road. It’s also not as ratchet as Khaosan. Our motel was near the end of Rambuttri which was good. And just opposite the motel there is a small passage connecting to Khaosan which makes it very easy to go over.

During the day we decided to go to the central of Bangkok, Siam. There are heaps of taxis and Tuktuks out on the big road so it’s easy to find commute. However the problem is negotiating the price. They always try to charge as much as possible and we wanna pay as little as possible. It’s always something like this: they call out 500 – we say no, 200 – they say 400 – we say 300 – deal! – deal! This is already way over the “fair”price but this is how things are run in many touristy places. And to be honest what we pay is not even much and way lower than what we pay in our homeland. Furthermore, I don’t mind helping these people a bit. They probably struggle hard to feed their families.

We got on tuktuk and went to Siam central. Before I came to this area, I thought Khaosan was busy. This place was next next next level. Roads were full of cars that hardly move and there were so many people everywhere. We went straight to Siam Paragon which is the newest mall in the area.

It is a very luxurious mall that has literally EVERYTHING. It even has sports cars like Lamborghini or Chrysler in it. However the best thing about it is not that it has everything. For me it was the air conditioning. Complete escape from the sauna-like weather.

One thing we realised was that people (except white tourists like us) were dressed up so well, I mean properly. We were in full tourist outfit – jandals, redbull singlets and shorts. On the contrary, Thai people were wearing shirts/T-shirts, jeans/pants, proper shoes and stuff. They were mostly so well represented. I mean this is the normal thing! and we were the abnormal ones. We felt so.. embarrassed.. We felt like people were giving us kind of tsk tsk looks. I’m sure they are used to tourists like us but we were so shameful that we felt like that. We looked around the huge mall and it was so awesome. Many well dressed girls too.

After the mall, we went out to go to another hang out area just across the road. There were heaps of people around the area. It wasn’t just because Bangkok was crowded city. They looked like they were waiting for some events to happen soon.

I was so curious so I asked one of them what was happening there. No luck, he couldn’t speak English much. I asked another person. He said there is a parade by the national soccer team who recently won the South East Asian league. Thailand never came across my mind as a good soccer team. Maybe in South East Asia they are really good.

We moved on to go to Siam square. There were another event going on. Many people were sitting on the ground and some people who seemed to be the organisers were talking about something.

Again, we didn’t pay much attention and moved on looking around. After this we got exhausted, both from walking and the weather. So we got back to our room and had shower and rest. I think this day was a weekday. As it was nearing the evening, we started worrying. We came from culture where Friday night is a thing and other weekdays are just quiet, everything closes early and people sleep early. We worried so badly because it was a weekday and there would be no parties. Well, what can we do. We just went out for our late night meal and hopefully party. When we went out, we realised how STUPID we were. Come on. This is Khaosan! This is Thailand!! Everything was exactly same as last night, if not more. Still loud musics going on and bars are packed with people getting drunk, street was full of people having fun.

We went back to brother Wat’s small bar. We ordered the three buckets again and got drunk with it. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the alcohol or the time, but I don’t remember what really happened that night. Probably something similar. Actually I do remember few stuff. We asked brother Wat if he had some weed. He told only one guy to come with him. At this time I was still unsure of Thailand’s safety and crime rate. So did the other guys. They all didn’t want to go, telling me to go because I was the one who asked. I trust these guys if something ever happens to me they will help me to the best of their ability. So I went with Wat, trying to look as cool as possible. He took me inside the building just opposite the bar. There was a narrow hallway and at the end there were spinning iron barred gate, guarded by a security guy (at least he was wearing the uniform). All these were bad signs that I would get fucked up. Too late to turn back, I was like just fuck this I will go. We paid small changes to get in and after that iron barred spinning gate, there was another door. I followed Wat to the inside. It turned out it was only a toilet. Later I found out that some toilets in touristy areas charge price to use the toilet. Another way of making money from tourists I guess. Wat and I went into a cubicle and he showed me the stuff. I didn’t want to get ripped off so I observed in detail. While I was observing, there was a noise that door was opening. Wat responded in light speed and walked straight out as if he was just a normal toilet user. I did the same thing. It was just a normal person after all. But we just went back to the bar. I thought he was over-reacting but again later I found out that drug is treated very seriously in Thailand. His response was reasonable.

One thing I forgot to write here and the previous blog is the police patrol. Around 2am every night, a decent size of police patrols goes around Khaosan. Somehow all the outdoor bars gets this information like 5 minutes before the patrol comes. They all move amazingly quickly and in coordinated manner. They clean up all the tables and chairs on the street and remove all the evidence that they were having a bar there. It’s just unbelievably fast. The whole bar is gone in a blink. And more interesting thing is, that’s exactly when the police turns up on the street. Once the patrol is gone, they quickly set up the bar again and does their business like nothing happened. It was all so interesting.

Warning: Some adultery contents included below. Please proceed with responsibility or close here.


We went to the only club in the area called “The Club”. I was drunk and tried to mingle in with a group who already got their stamp and going back into the club. I think I am good at these stuff. Movies like the Bourne series helped. I successfully got in for free. Actually we came here the night before according to my friends. I just don’t remember at all. Funnily, this time I was pretty drunk again and didn’t remember how it looked like inside nor what kind of music were being played. I remember talking to few girls and hooked up with a cute Thai girl. Peter was wingmanning for me with her sister and friends. I went out with the girl and took her to my room. This is when Andre texted me. “Oiii Im witg a gorl. Im gomna havv sex anf comr bavk. Wait fir me.” So he was also wasted and scored a chick. I texted him back. “Yeah I’m gonna have sex too in our room. Don’t come in okay? don’t come in. I will text you when I’m done.” When we got onto the bed, the girl used translator to tell me something. The translator was saying with its clear confident voice “Condom, Condom”. LOL. It was very reasonable thing to do when you don’t know the word but it was just so funny hearing that from translator. So we went out and bought a small pack and got back. While we were doing it, there was a sudden knocking on the door. Peter was knocking hard on the door. I was only one with the key so he couldn’t get in and that’s why Andre was telling me to wait for him. I shouted out shyly, “hey I am with a girl now.” He said, “cut out the bullshit just fucking open the door”. I kept saying I was with a girl and he kept demanded to open the door. It was so weird. Why would he not believe me? Why would I lie such a thing? And he also knew I left with the girl. Maybe he was too drunk or something, I was thinking. We were in missionary position when Peter came in with the help of the staff. As soon as they saw us they turned back and shut the door. It was such a weird experience…… Anyways we finished sex and I took that girl to her motel which was in Khaosan where I stayed one night as well in 2 years time. On the way back, a random European girl (guessing Russia or Eastern European) offered to stay at my room asking for money. She probably had disease and living a miserable life with no money. I could kind of tell from the deteriorated facial features. Lucky ME! I just had a good sex and didn’t feel like another one for a while. I rejected and moved on. Just outside our motel Peter was walking with the girl’s sister and friends. We had little chat and came back to the room. After some time, Andre also came back. We were all too drunk and tired. Without sharing much stories, we fell asleep. Fell into another sweet sweet sleep.


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