Third day in Bkk

So we’ve been to the central bkk and now it’s time to visit some tourist attractions. We headed out to the big road to catch a tuktuk again. Often they would show us a tourist map of bkk which has all those tourist attractions and its locations marked on the map. They point out the famous attractions in front of our faces pretty much. We wanted to go to the main temple/palace (Wat Phra Kaew) but the guy made unpleasant face immediately. He said we can’t go because we are not wearing properly. First I didn’t understand at all. He described with some gestures that we have to wear long pants and proper shoes. We were too lazy to change our clothes and come back. He also mentioned a boat ride on the river. He said he would give us good price because we were Asians. We were happy with it so we got on with it. For some reason all the tuktuk drivers looked like some sort of gangsters, maybe because of my distrust in the place.. After all they turn out to be good drivers anyways. After passing lots of Thai flags, some yellow flags and magnificent frames of the (former) Thai King (Rama IX), we arrived to some alleyway where I could see many middle/high school students hanging out. They were straight up waggers who were looking for more wild life than just the ordinary student life.

Upon arrival of the place, the tuktuk driver took us to the ticket seller and spoke something in Thai then left. The seller then opened his menu book and turned to the next page which showed cheaper prices than what was on the first page. Is this really the price for Asians or some kind of double trick? Probably the latter. Well we didn’t think that much back then. We were happy to pay the cheaper price. We walked around the port for a short while and saw two pretty girls (maybe Korean) walking around too. We were hoping to be on the same boat as them and was planning what to say to them and stuff. We found out that they were not on our boat when we got on the boat.

It was a long narrow boat with some colourful decorations. It was such a chill new experience. Being in such a remote place with totally new culture doing an activity that I’ve never done, felt really fresh. There were several other boats like us, some of them not necessarily identical but similar. The boat went across the river and went into some water passage through a gate. It was going through villages above water. It may sound luxurious or funky but they were all terribly poor houses. Most of them seemed very old and looked like it wouldn’t be able to stand heavy raining season. They didn’t seem to have proper basic infrastructure like water pipes or electricity cables etc. We went through the very unexpected scenes of boat ride. At some point there were some old ladies with smaller boats that has many drinks or snacks and sorts. The boats stopped by those ladies and we bought some drinks. Not because we were really thirsty but because we wanted to give little help to them. The ride continued and went past many different styles of houses. Some of the houses looked pretty rich and huge though. It took about 1 or 2 hours I cannot remember properly. We came out to the main river and were dropped off at some place across the river.

Where we were dropped off was right in between the grand palace and a huge temple, Wat Pho which we went to. Entrance fee was only 100 baht. We went in and walked around the temple. Everything was so new to us and interesting or un-understandable. A temple building inside had a huuuuuge golden Buddha lying down. It was magnificent and scary at the same time. I have only one phobia in me. Any artificially made living things that are big would scare to the hell. This wasn’t too bad though and I also tried to control my mind hard.

We saw some monks and asked one of them to take picture with us. We didn’t have any disrespectful intentions but it might have been considered disrespectful to Thai people. Back then we were just typical tourists (my excuse). Wat Pho was a really big temple! Took us good 1 or 2 hours to look around and we were so exhausted and hot! We left the temple and walked towards the grand palace (forgot why). There was a street food cart that was selling some grilled chicken skewers. We bought it and shared between us. We tried to take a tuktuk or taxi back to Khaosan but they were all calling very expensive prices. After failing to find a satisfactory price, I talked to a random guard or police on the street and told him all these drivers were calling out such an expensive prices. He then stopped a taxi for us and spoke something in Thai. This driver was using his meter! This was the moment where I thought the police in Thailand was real nice and kind. I was impressed.

So we arrived back to our home ground Khaosan. The evening and night was pretty much the repetition of what we did every other nights. Drinking and getting drunk at brother Wat’s street bar, buckets, random police patrol, quick disappearing of the street bar, clubbing.. One thing I did though, was asking for the club’s direction to a police officer who was on patrol. So at some point I lost my group and they texted me to come into the club (the only club in Khaosan). But the last 2 times I went there I was super wasted to remember where it was exactly. So I had no idea where the club was. I approached (drunk) to one of the policemen who were on patrol and asked him where the club was. He kindly pointed where it was which was just 15 meters away from where I was. I felt dumb and was really thankful to the police. In where I live, some police officers seem really pretentious like they have powerful authorities to do whatever they want to normal citizens. Anyways, the impression I got from Thai police was completely different. They felt more like.. down to earth.

It was funny how a police officer showed me the direction to the club. I tried getting in for free again but this time I got caught. I got into the club and united with my friends. Then our night went on.. just like the other nights.. into the uncontrollable state, the happiness and emotions that we didn’t know how to handle.


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