Off to Koh Phi Phi~~…….??

I must be remembering things incorrectly (as expected). On third night we didn’t party at all, because! we had a really early flight to catch go to Phi Phi island. I don’t remember the time of the flight but I remember what time we had to get up at, which was 3 am. We were playing it smart. On the third day, we were already quite exhausted after consecutive partying and not resting very well. So we didn’t want to fly and take boat in a severe condition with massive hangover. We wanted to travel nice and sound. So we decided not to drink that day and sleep real early so we can wake up fine and travel down to Phi Phi in great condition. Also it would be perfect timing for us to recharge our energy a bit before upcoming new destination where we will probably get hammered every night.

So! we acted according to our plan. We had a nice dinner and chilled for a bit which was awesome too. We got back to our room and packed our bag almost completely so we can just have shower and leave right away with minimum packing. We also booked a taxi with the accommdation staff so we didn’t have to worry about looking for taxis at 3.30am. It was about 8pm when we went to bed and fell asleep fast as we were quite exhausted from non stop partying and touring.

3am. The alarm woke us up and we all woke up straight. Even Peter (the sleeper) was fine to wake right up and start getting prepared. We showered and packed our bags very quietly but in complete orderliness. We went down to lobby and checked out. As we walked out to the street there was a taxi driver waiting for us. It was beautifully well-coordinated from getting to bed early to getting the taxi to go to the airport. We were so pro at travelling, I thought. We are so smart. This was not just about getting to a place in time. We looked at the long run game, the big picture, and used the perfect timing to heal ourselves up for further joys, while making it to airport on time. It could not be smoother.

We got to the airport and thanked the driver. Didn’t even have to negotiate price as it was already agreed as we booked at our motel. We walked smoothly in to Don Meung airport counters. As we were little early, there were not many people at the queue. We reached one of the check in counter and I handed my printed e-tickets (which was also prepared from home) with our passports. The cute lady staff took a look at the ticket and made a uncomfortable look and then faced us to say, “I’m sorry, but your flight is not today, it’s tomorrow.” Dot dot dot… This gotta be.. a joke.. As soon as we heard that Andre went “ah fuck this gotta be a joke”. We were all like, “Jesus Christ”, “is this even real??”. With a huge disappointment and irritation, I also felt quite guilty because I was the one who kept all the flight tickets and made all these plans. I suggested all this having a day break from partying and sleeping early and everything to come to the airport on the WRONG DAY.

We were all feeling shit.. And at the same time.. it was kind of funny.. A typical story to tell to others when we go back home. We had no choice but to go back to our motel where we actually have one more night booked with. On the way back to the motel, we all felt stupid. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I thought we were so smart and pro which actually turned out to be so stupid.

When we arrived at our motel, there was a taxi parked just outside. As we walked into the motel, we made an eye contact with the driver inside the taxi. It was the driver who took us to the airport 30 minutes ago!! LOL! I can’t forget his bewildered look when he saw us. It was a combination of complete confusion and not being able to understand what he was seeing. He must have been like “why the heck on earth are they back here?? I just took them to the airport!”. We talked to the staff and managed to get our final night back and went back to our room which was just as we left it. We hurried into the bed, still cannot believing what we did.

Next day, at least we were little recharged. And since we had one night off from party with such a huge failure, we just subconsciously gave up being smart and all and just partied as hard as we could (by the way Peter had to go back early as he was having seriously bad sore throat).

In the end, we still woke up at 3am and made to the airport fine, doing the same thing as the previous night. This time the check in was fine. Everything was the same as yesterday except.. that we were all DEAD with hangover and tiredness. My friend Andre said he couldn’t even remember checking in and getting to the gate, where we fell asleep for a bit really really uncomfortably on chairs at the gate. It was fucking cold for some reason too. On the plane, I was having massive headache and felt like vomiting in any second. I went to the toilet as soon as the seat belt sign was off but couldn’t throw up. Then I was lucky enough to find a empty seat where there was lots of leg room. I sat down there until we arrived. Little bit of more comfort with the extra leg room really helped me from not vomiting.

Sigh… things could not be worse, I thought..

It was only later after the flight that I found out it could.. I really didn’t know there could be more to come..


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