On our way to Koh Phi Phi

After holding to puke for 1-2 hours on the flight, we’ve arrived to Krabi. Whether it’s alcohol effect or that my brain wanted to erase the experience from the memory, I do not remember there as much. One thing I remember is taking a bus or small van or whatever to the pier where boats to Koh Phi Phi were waiting. It wasn’t a short ride, which was annoying given my condition. Nevertheless, time passes and we arrived to the pier. At that moment we all had to shit pretty bad. As any other public toilets in other rural areas, the condition of the toilet was pretty bad.. Well but I had to do it so I did it anyways.

There were a lot of people waiting for the same boat at the pier. We waited a long time to actually get to the counter. The boat we wanted to get on was about to leave. When we got to the counter, they stopped selling tickets for that boat. It was such a bummer and really pissed me off. Now we had to wait another 1-2 hours. We were already in a terrible condition; Andre was still hungover hard, I was pretty much the same, and the worst one was Peter. He was already sick since few days ago, so sick that he couldn’t even hang out and he couldn’t even talk properly. While we were waiting, we had some noodle soup from one of the shops next to the pier. It was such a boring and tiring wait. Finally our boat came and we got on.

It was a boat without much space to walk around inside or outside. Seats seemed comfortable but actually when you sit, it wasn’t. The seats we sat was directly facing the air condition which was blowing really strongly. We ended up just going outside and sat by the edge of the boat leaning towards the bars that was at the edge. For some reason I had really bad diarrhoea. I had to go to the toilet every 15 min or so. The WORST WORST WORST part was the toilet… It was sooooooooo baaaaaaddddd. The door doesn’t even shut completely so it’s like outside people in the boat can see inside if they try little bit. Plus the quality is just.. I don’t even know how to describe. It was just the worst toilet experience in my 25 years of life experience.


The boat ride was so painful and boring overall. Peter’s throat got real bad and now he could not say a word and his face was distorted from the pain. I remember there was a Thai girl sitting next to us and she had a small rabbit (according to my memory) in her bag, which was interesting. Andre had little chat with her on the way.

After few hours later, we finally arrived at Koh Phi Phi. I was so happy to see land after all those torturing hassle all the way from Khao san. As soon as we got off the boat, our friend Peter headed straight to the closest hospital, giving us hand motions that suggests that. It was that bad that he had to go straight to hospital without even checking in. Andre and I were a bit worried at this point.

We took some time to find our resort. The checking in was little troublesome. They were saying they don’t have a room that can fit 3 people. It was such a bullshit because we booked a room for 3 people. They were offering 2 separate rooms but no way that we would take that bullshit deal. We argued hard and in the end they gave us a room for 3 people.

Getting here was such a mission. It was so horrible I didn’t want to do it again. But I guess life comes with both good and bad in different timings. We didn’t know that we had such a great time to enjoy there afterwards.


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