Not-really-first-time first time to Bangkok

Whenever I tell tales about this trip to Thailand to people, I always don’t know whether I should say this is my first time or second time. It’s technically my second time but in terms of the real experience that actually has impacts/values which left some marks in my life, it is my first time. The first time I… Continue reading Not-really-first-time first time to Bangkok

(PG)Warm up destination – Hong Kong Part 1

Warning: Some contents may not be appropriate to some young people. ———————————————————————– Here we are, at our stopover destination: Hong Kong. I did little research about the weather that it’s kind of warm and cool. But when we got outside it was rainy and colder than what I would call ‘cool’!! It was around 9,10pm.… Continue reading (PG)Warm up destination – Hong Kong Part 1